Patient Stories

Amanda Penna

  Since I was a little girl in elementary school, I always had a hump on my back and pain like one couldn’t even imagine. At the time, being an ice skater and a softball player, I had really no patience for any kind of pain. As the years progressed…...

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Amanda K

One of the most common questions spinal fusion patients are asked is how their surgery has changed or affected their lives. In 2007, Amanda had her scoliosis corrective surgery at the age of thirteen. Amanda’s spinal fusion left her with two twenty inch rods and eighteen screws in her back.…...

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Alyssa Burns

Hi. My name is Ali, and I was diagnosed with scoliosis when I was thirteen. My scoliosis was detected during a routine check at school, and my mother quickly made an appointment with an orthopedic doctor who I would spend a lot of time with over the next four years.…...

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Guada Guitierrez

“Hope is Everything in Scoliosis!” Guadalupe is four years old, and like many little girls her age, she enjoys singing and goofing around with her sisters. But Guadalupe has a little secret…she’s not your average toddler. She’s actually a superhero with secret superpowers, including the ability to vanquish fear, leaving…...

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Lindsay Ellingson

Setting Scoliosis Straight Very First Celebrity Spokesperson Lindsay Ellingson has held a lot of titles. She has been a gymnast, a dancer, the top-of-her-class student, a Victoria’s Secret Angel, an entrepreneur, and a patient with scoliosis. Now, Lindsay Ellingson is adding the title of Setting Scoliosis Straight Celebrity Spokesperson to…...

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