Knowledge is Power to the Mind!


Setting Scoliosis Straight is committed to supporting individuals and families affected with a spinal deformity and to serve as a catalyst for research, quality of standards, cures and access to quality care and treatment options information.

Below are the many tools we have to teach you everything you need to know about scoliosis & scoliosis treatments.

Scoliosis 101

Understanding the basic of scoliosis is important to help every newly diagnose patients. Only after learning what scoliosis is and what causes scoliosis can you start a treatment plan .

Patient Handbook

SSS has created a Scoliosis Handbook which was written by physicians, surgeons and nurse practitioner from around the country to help newly diagnose patients.

Video Handbook

Don’t want to read a book? No worries, we also created a Video Handbook which consist of 6 animated chapters for you and your family to watch together.

Scoliosis Presentations

Do you want to hear presentations given by prominent orthopedic surgeons. We have a large record of presentations from Power Over Scoliosis event which covers a lot of different topics.

Patient Stories

Knowing that you have scoliosis can be scary, but know that you are not alone! Reading inspirational stories from patients that have already traveled through this journey can really help calm your worries.


We know that you may still have a million other questions. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to see if there are more answers to your questions. But remember that the best place for you to ask questions is at your Doctor’s office.