SSS Staff Spotlight

SSSF Staff Spotlight: Julia Applebaum

I was born in a medium sized city in NYS called Rochester (6-hour drive from NYC).  My mom was a school teacher and dad was a chemist before they retired.  I lived there most of my adult life until my husband, Lou, was transferred for his job to San Diego 5 years ago to integrate Ballast Point Brewery into the parent company Constellation Brands.  Lou is now President of a start-up beverage company.  I have 2 college kids…one a senior and the other a sophomore.  They are both in a university back in NYS.

Other than my family (A senior and sophomore in universities back in NY), my passion is playing competitive tennis.  If I can’t be reached during the day, it is most likely because I am on the tennis court.  I’ve also recently picked up Pickleball.

And of course, another big part of my life is my love our dogs.  We have always had mid-size dogs, but our latest loves are chihuahuas.  They are quite a handful.