Patient Stories

Kelly Anderson

Twelve years ago, I didn’t even know what scoliosis was. When I was diagnosed with the condition, I thought it was impossible. But once you notice that curvature, you can’t un-see it. My eyes would go to it every time I looked in the mirror, every time someone took a picture. My confidence deteriorated more and more the further I progressed into my teen years. It affected every aspect of my life. Eventually, at 19, I got the surgery. And I’m so glad I did.

Today, I am confident enough to have a career as a television news reporter and anchor. I’ve interviewed celebrities on the red carpet, and covered national news stories. If today my self-esteem were where it was back then, I couldn’t have done those things. None of this was possible without the medical and financial support of the Shriner’s Hospital of Philadelphia. They have given me the invaluable gift of the ability to love myself, and every twist and turn that was handed to me.


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