Setting Scoliosis Straight is grateful for the celebrity support we’ve received in the last couple years. These individuals have chosen to utilize their public platform to do great good on behalf of the patient communities we serve and children throughout the world that are living with complex spinal deformities.

Current Scoliosis Ambassador

Emm Arruda

Coming to us from Canada, Emm is using her new star platform to build major awareness and create a buzz for scoliosis. From walking the catwalk one day to taking an English final as a high school student, Emm is as authentic as it gets and we’re so fortunate to have her on team!

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Past Scoliosis Ambassador

Lindsay Ellingson

Lindsay has been a mover and shaker for scoliosis and has a deep passion for comforting patients, awareness, early detection, and state screening.

Although Lindsay has experienced tremendous success throughout her bustling modeling and cosmetic careers, she is as humble and down to earth as it gets.

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