Clinical research is critical for advancing and improving treatment. A major focus of the Setting Scoliosis Straight Foundation is to support the research efforts of the Harms Study Group. Named after Professor Juergen Harms, a world renowned spinal deformity surgeon from Germany, this premier study group is a collaboration of many surgeons across the United States and Canada . For over 20 years, this group has been dedicated to conducting comprehensive, prospective, multi-center research focused on improving treatment outcomes for patients with spinal deformities. The research is investigator-initiated, meaning the aims of the research studies are defined by our surgeon members and more recently by our Patient Partner Research Team!

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We rely on the generous donations from contributors like you to help us carry out these research efforts. Your support will help ensure these important clinical questions are answered.

The surgeons who devote their time to the Harms Study Group remain focused on its commitment to be internationally recognized for the highest quality published research on new spinal deformity surgery techniques. There are, however, many more questions than answers, and spinal deformities continue to affect the lives of many young people who can, and should, have a chance at a better life.