A primary goal for Setting Scoliosis Straight is to be the primary source of accurate, patient-centered information by providing unbiased, evidence-based research and education that answers the questions patients and their families have. We want to put this evidence-based research into your reach and we are doing this by offering access to our peer-reviewed journal publications.

We hope that you will find this resource helpful and we would love to hear your feedback. We would especially love to hear about the areas of research that are important to YOU.

Your participation in our patient-based research initiative will help us ensure we focus the energy and resources on conducting research aimed at answering the clinical questions that are of interest to patient and their families.

Our previous evaluation of the alignment between clinicians and patient’s research priorities revealed that ‘Long term outcomes of scoliosis surgery’ scored as the top priority for scoliosis research by both clinicians and patients. We have therefore made this one of our primary research directives!

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