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My name is Ryan, and I’m now sixteen years old. In June 2006 I was diagnosed with scoliosis because my pediatrician had concerns about my spine. The x-rays showed that I had a pretty big curve starting in the thoracic section of my spine. My family and I were shocked at seeing how large the curve was and how it had gotten so bad without us being aware. I then had to wear a brace that I was very upset about being in all day. I was in middle school when this was all occurring and it was very tough because I felt that everyone was now looking at me like a different person. The physical pain of the scoliosis was hard, and the emotional pain was even harder. In 2008, My Doctor, Baron Lonner, decided along with my family and me, that the curvature was so severe that I required surgery. This was a scary thought because I had never had surgery before. After the surgery I experienced a lot of pain, even though this was normal, I felt as though my back was being weighed down by a ton of bricks. Within about 2 weeks I was able move more and feel more comfortable within my body. Two years have passed and I am able to do everything I was doing before, but without the pain. If I hadn’t gotten this surgery I don’t even want to know what would have happened. Overall this has been one of the best decisions I have ever made and now I don’t have to wonder “what if?” I would love to thank Dr. Lonner for always being available and so supportive throughout this entire experience.


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