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Lindsay Gordon

Strut for Scoliosi

Scoliosis has led me down a curvy path with many ups and downs, but Dr. Jack Flynn, at Shriners Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia, constantly reminded me, “You are running a marathon, not a race.” This line has always resonated with me in times of despair. Although it has been tough to preserve, I won the battle against my spine.

In 2011, I was diagnosed with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis. My curves were close to the extreme range and therefore required bracing. During this time, I was always on edge as my endurance was necessary. Still, going in, I was not fully aware of the difficulty and motivation required to wear a brace. I struggled to adjust my life around wearing this back brace for twenty hours each day for three years, but my curves did not progress into surgery range. Like I said, I won the battle against my spine!

As my personal journey concluded, I have become keen on making a difference for patients like myself. I have integrated my love for fashion, my enthusiasm for service, and my curiosity in business as a way to give back. I have designed an “athleisure” wear line with all the proceeds being donated to Setting Scoliosis Straight. The theme of my active wear promotes exercise for anyone running marathon or even a race. This trendy and unique line, Strut for Scoliosis, can be worn by everyone everywhere. I aspire to spread national and even global awareness about this deformity, as well as raise the funds needed to eradicate it. I hope to brighten the future of my fellow patients and see you all strutting. Let’s Strut for Scoliosis!


Visit Lindsay’s online store and purchase her line of clothing.


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