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My name is Jaimie and I am currently 20 years old. I was diagnosed with scoliosis at age fourteen in the middle of eigth grade. When I first found out the news while sitting in the doctor’s office, I was devastated, heartbroken, and confused. I wasn’t even sure what scoliosis was, all I knew was that I had a severe case and surgery was necessary to prevent life-threatening complications later in life.

The first thing that came to mind was “How am I going to play soccer?” Soccer has been my life since I was four years old, and knowing I had to give it up for a year to receive surgery to straighten my spine was something I could not comprehend. But after much needed support from my family and doctors, I knew the surgery was something I had to do for myself to live a healthy life. Thinking about the surgery, I was scared with so many endless thoughts running through my head, but once I met Dr. Newton at Children’s Hospital, I realized I had one of the top doctors in the world taking care of me. Knowing I had the best, I was more calm and relaxed.

Looking back to those dreaded days before surgery, I could not be happier with my decision to follow through with the surgery. My results are phenomenal and I am more satisfied with my self-image and appearance now after the surgery than before. I am so thankful for the constant support I received from my family, friends, soccer team, and most importantly my doctors who performed such an extraordinary surgery. Support and self-determination are the two most significant aspects that pushed me through the surgery and also the recovery process. I had such a strong will to spend continuous hours in physical therapy to get back to playing soccer the second I received permission. I played soccer after six months when the normal recovery period is one year, I ran again before the usual time period, and experienced so much more because of the motivation that surrounded me. I had such a positive experience with all I encountered through the process. I am stronger now than ever before. I would not change one day from before or after the surgery because it has made me who I am today.


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