Surgeon Spotlight

Surgeon Spotlight: Noelle Larson, MD

I grew up in a shipyard in Seattle living aboard a 64 ft sailboat that my father built.  We had a family business taking 6 guests out sailing for a week at a time in the San Juan Islands.  Through these experiences, I became very interested in the natural world and mechanics.  As an undergraduate, I was pursuing a career in geophysics when I met a group of premedical students also deeply interested in science and math.  I realized that medicine was a way to work with families, understand natural systems, and make a significant contribution to the world.  Orthopedics and pediatric spine surgery are a perfect fit, and I haven’t looked back!

My passion is to safely innovate in orthopedics, and I am always delighted when I come across new ways to make scoliosis treatment less burdensome for patients and families.  In my free time, I enjoy running, reading, hiking, playing with my children, and doing things outside.