Patient Stories

Andrea Herrera

In the Fall of 2013, I was admitted at Miami Children’s Hospital for a series of ongoing medical problems. When undressing, my mother noticed my back looked crooked. When she shared her concern, the nurse had told her “let’s focus on one problem at a time.”

 After I recovered I from my pre-existing condition, we returned to the hospital to see an Orthopedist. After One quick x-ray, I was diagnosed with progressive scoliosis featuring a double curve. The degree of the curve was already severe enough to call for surgical intervention- all only a few months after being released from a prolonged hospitalization and recuperating from another surgery.

We scheduled the surgery for June and spent the Summer ’14 healing. It has been over five years since then and I feel great and so glad to be in much better health.

Now, I study art at Miami Dade College and have only just begun telling the story of my medical journey and long road to recovery through my artwork.


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