Patient Stories


On July 30th of this year, I underwent surgery for my scoliosis. This was my first surgery ever, so needless to say, I was very nervous and afraid. My surgeon, Dr. Stefan Parent, really reassured me that I would be okay. This helped me trust him with my surgery. The first two weeks after surgery were the most difficult. I hardly slept at night because of the pain and nausea caused by the pain medication. I was certain that the pain would never go away and that I would never return to my normal life, but after just three weeks, I could see a big improvement. I didn’t walk like a robot anymore, and I even returned to school. After one month, the pain was completely gone. Now, I am happy with the results of my surgery. The speed at which the body is capable of recovering amazes me! I feel better about myself, I have no more complexes about my back, and I can confirm that this surgery was worth the pain.





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