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Robert Savich

Detroit Marathon 26.2 Mile

I have scoliosis that started in middle school and grew to an 85% curvature by the end of high school.  I had a total of four major back surgeries, fusions—with rods and all.  The last surgery removed all of my hardware, as the initial fusions held.

It was difficult to stay very positive in those days, but I always did.  I was always a popular guy.  I never showed any weakness, and people didn’t ask about my scoliosis.   Still, it was always on my mind.

My back is still twisted, but I stay confident, and I don’t complain when it gets uncomfortable.  In fact, I never did.  Even after surgery I would not take much of the pain medicine, as I didn’t want to get addicted to it.

My experience with scoliosis has definitely made me stronger.  I am now thirty years old.  In the past year, I got married to my amazing wife, Kristina, and we are now the proud parents to a healthy boy named Marko.  He reminds me of myself when I look at him.  We are both healthy!

I am currently training to run the Detroit Free Press International Marathon on October 18th of 2015. That’s right!  You read correctly…26.2 miles!

When I run, I will be running for those who struggle with scoliosis and for my son Marko!  I had a very severe case of scoliosis, but I knocked it out, and you can too if you stay strong!


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