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FDA Collaboration – Patient and Caregiver Connection

U.S. Food & Drug Administration staff members from left to right:
David Gebben, PhD, Heather Benz, PhD (former staff member), Vincent J. Devlin, MD, Elizabeth Adegboyega-Panox, MD, and CAPT Raquel Peat, PhD, MPH, USPHS

It’s official!

Setting Scoliosis Straight (SSS) is now participating in the FDA’s Patient and Caregiver Connection.

This is a partnership that allows FDA staff to efficiently obtain input from patients and caregivers regarding their experiences with specific disease states and/or medical devices.  To read more about this program please Click Here to visit the CDRH Patient and Care Giver Connection (PCC) Partner Organizations

Max W.

Leah T.

Alexis T.

Keegan C.

Setting Scoliosis Straight will help the FDA with connecting to patients, in an upcoming event on May 7, 2021. Four patients with scoliosis, Max W. and Leah T. who have been treated with posterior spinal fusion and instrumentation along with Alexis T. and Keegan C. who have been treated with a newer surgical approach, anterior vertebral body tethering, will share their experience with surgery and their outcomes.  Dr. Peter Newton, SSS president, will provide an Overview of Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis and Treatment Options and Michelle Marks, SSS Executive /Research Director will participate on panel discussion with the four participating patients.

We are grateful for this wonderful collaboration and look forward to many more events in the future.