Has the COVID-19 situation thrown a wrench in your scoliosis care?

Are you worried or have questions? Well, you’re in luck!

Setting Scoliosis Straight is holding a FREE patient education webinar to discuss scoliosis and how to deal with it during this pandemic.

Topics include:

  • Increased pain due to stress of COVID-19 situation & pain management tactics.
  • Risk of COVID-19 with scoliosis diagnosis & evidence regarding risk factors.
  • Missing medical scoliosis care appointments due to COVID-19 & alternate options.
  • Delays in surgery due to COVID-19.
  • Being stationary – Is it making my scoliosis worse?
  • Questions about Vertebral Body Tethering & the evidence regarding this new surgical treatment option.

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Our 2020 Power Over Scoliosis event has been postponed due to COVID-19. Please check back for updates on this live event.