Power Over Scoliosis is a family-friendly educational program which brings together a diverse faculty of orthopedic experts to help your family successfully navigate your scoliosis journey.

By attending this webinar you will be able to dispel common misconceptions (and fears!) about the condition, improve your family’s scoliosis aptitude, and connect with local families who have walked this path before you.

Whether your child is newly diagnosed, currently undergoing treatment, or a returning patient, this program was designed with your family in mind. Take advantage of this scoliosis education webinar and register your family for Power Over Scoliosis today!

Power Over Scoliosis Event Details:

2020 Program Itinerary

Welcome & Introductions: 4:00 pm
What is scoliosis?: 4:02 pm
Q&A: 4:07 pm
Non-Operative & Alternative Treatments: 4:10 pm
Q&A: 4:15 pm
Bracing: 4:20 pm
Q&A: 4:25 pm
Corrective Surgery: 4:30 pm
Q&A: 4:35 pm
Vertebral Body Tethering: 4:40 pm
Q&A: 4:45 pm
Post-Surgery Outcomes: 4:50 pm
Q&A: 4:55 pm
Event Conclusion: 5:00 pm

This event is FREE for all patients and their friends and families!

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