Setting Scoliosis Straight (SSS) is proud to present a Patients 2 Patients Webinar

SSS feels that communication and mutual understanding between patients, families and health professionals are fundamental in empowering patients and families to make informed decisions regarding their spinal deformity care.

This webinar provides the opportunity for patients to communicate with other patients who have experienced various scoliosis treatments.

Topics includes:

  1. Scoliosis 101
  2. Bracing Patient – How to be successful with wearing your brace and how to feel comfortable/fashionable! 
  3. Spinal Fusion Patient – Pre/Post-surgery: What to expect before surgery & how to prepare yourself for life after surgery
  4. Spinal Fusion Patient – Dealing with self image
  5. Vertebral Body Tethering (VBT) – What’s it like to have VBT & how I made the decision to proceed with this new procedure?


Patrick Cahill, MD

Joshua Pahys, MD

Patient Speakers:

Lillian Reynolds

Bracing Patient

Ava Lee

Spinal Fusion Patient

Skylar Reid

Spinal Fusion Patient

Keegan Connor

Vertebra Body Tethering Patient

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