Setting Scoliosis Straight (SSS) is proud to present a Patients 2 Patients Webinar – You Are Not Alone!

SSS feels that communication and mutual understanding between patients, families, and health professionals are fundamental in empowering patients and families to make informed decisions regarding their spinal deformity care.

This webinar provides the opportunity for patients to communicate with other patients who have experienced various scoliosis treatments.

Topics & Patient Stories includes:
Scoliosis 101
Bracing Patient Story
Spinal Fusion Patient Story
Vertebral Body Tethering (VBT) Patient Story


Suken Shah, MD

Nick Fletcher, MD

Michelle Marks, PT, MA

Patient Speakers:

Michelle J

Bracing Patient

Kathryn B

Bracing Patient

Brooke M

Spinal Fusion Patient


Observation Patient

Ava L

Spinal Fusion Patient

Piper K

Vertebral Body Tethering Patient

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