Patient Stories

Christina D’alessandro

At 9 years old I was diagnosed with scoliosis and being 9 years old I really did not have a clue what I was in store for.

Years passed by and progressively my body became worse, my hips were not even, my shoulders were not even, and my legs were two different lengths. Not only was it visible on the outside, but the pain inside of my body became so unbearable at times, that it was hard to function. For example, I was not able to drive for long periods of time, my back would cause my neck to go stiff almost every day, and I became very very sore just from walking.

It did not help at all to have constant bullying over the way that I walked or stood at school. When the world started to notice my scoliosis, it made me notice it even more as well, but that’s when I knew things had to change.

At 15 I discovered modeling, and ever since then I owe so much of my confidence to the industry. I have learned through so many professionals at such a young age how to love myself, on and off camera.

Being able to achieve jobs such as New York Fashion Week, multiple magazines, tons of photo shoots, and lots of networking, have helped me advance in my modeling career regardless of my scoliosis

Fast forwards 4 years later and my spine caused my body to be in pain every single day, and it was starting to seriously impact my health. At this point the decision to get a spinal fusion was necessary.

This was probably the scariest decision of my life, but also the most bittersweet.

I was finally able to let go of every burden I had faced over the past 10 years, but I had to realize that those moments of pain, hard times, and how you handle your struggles, are what make you, you! Since receiving my spinal fusion, I have continued to book many modeling jobs, as well as I have started my own blog on Instagram to promote body positivity! I am very thankful for this experience.


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