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    Power Over Scoliosis is a FREE, comprehensive, and fun program created to educate scoliosis patients and their families on proven (and unproven) scoliosis treatments. This program is led by Nicklaus’ own Drs. John Asghar and Stephen George and brings together a long list of expert faculty, and patient ambassadors, and eager participants from all over the country. You don’t want to miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime learning opportunity! Register your family for Power Over Scoliosis today! Seating is limited.
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    Lindsay Ellingson has held a lot of titles. She has been a gymnast, a dancer, the top-of-her-class student, a Victoria’s Secret Angel, an entrepreneur, and a patient with scoliosis. Now, Lindsay Ellingson is adding the title of Setting Scoliosis Straight Celebrity Spokesperson to her brimming repertoire. We couldn’t be happier with her decision, and we think you’ll feel the same once you get to know her!
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    This handbook about Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis (AIS) was written for you -- to guide you as you start this journey; and by you -- from the experiences and ideas of people who have traveled this road ahead of you. We hope that the information provided will help you in your journey through scoliosis treatment.
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    Treatment of scoliosis can be life-altering and life-saving. When you donate to Setting Scoliosis Straight, you aren't buying a product. You are making a difference in a child's life. If you want to help us fight spinal deformity on a global level and improve children's lives, please make a one time donation or monthly giving today!
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    Each spinal surgery patient has a unique story to tell. Read inspirational patient stories from patients who have had successful spinal surgeries and want to share what they have learned with others and find out how to share your story.
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2017 Upcoming Events

We’re taking our show on the road! Our inaugural patient education course, Power Over Scoliosis, was nothing short of a huge success that will go down in SSS history as one of our proudest moments. The course, which took place on May 14th in Philadelphia, truly solidified the need and demand for continuous patient education as patients and supportive family members traveled from all over the country to attend.

Our plan to hold more patient education programs in different parts of the country was contingent upon our experiences in Philadelphia. Due to the overwhelming positive feedback we’ve received from both faculty and attendees, we’re excited to announce the official dates for next year’s events in beautiful Coral Gables/ Miami, Florida!


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What is SSSF?


The Setting Scoliosis Straight Foundation, formally known as Harms Study Group Foundation, is a not-for-profit charitable foundation that was established in 2008. Its purpose is to conduct fundraising efforts in support of the Harms Study Group, with a goal to further support and advance techniques in the treatment of spinal deformities in children and adolescents.

The Setting Scoliosis Straight Foundation is in its infancy, but the current impact on improving patient outcomes through Harms Study Group research efforts has been significant.

The surgeons who devote their time to the Harms Study Group remain focused on its commitment to be internationally recognized for the highest quality published research on new spinal deformity surgery techniques. There are, however, many more questions than answers, and spinal deformities continue to affect the lives of many young people who can, and should, have a chance at a better life.

More Information

I, like many others, was completed blindsided by my scoliosis diagnosis in 2012. I have always been a very active person and have competed on sports teams since the age of four. I started developing fairly severe back pain at the age of 15, but never thought too much of it. At that time, I was playing AAA soccer and basketball, in addition to representing my Montreal high school team in soccer, basketball, and flag football. During my senior year in high school, I decided that I wanted to start exploring American Prep Schools since I wanted a new academic and athletic challenge. After many different school visits in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, I was admitted to a great independent boarding school. During my two years in Massachusetts, I continued to struggle with what became more severe back pain. It wasn’t until the spring of 2012 that I finally went to the hospital for X-Rays, and I was devastated by the results. I had a 45 degree curvature and had to seriously consider surgery if I wanted to live comfortably and attempt to keep competing athletically.

At this point, I had been accepted to a Division III American College and was looking forward to playing on the university’s soccer and basketball teams. In Montreal, I worked with Dr. Parent and his team at the Sainte-Justine Hospital. Everyone was exceptional throughout this entire process. They were able to schedule surgery for July of that year, but that meant that I would be out for my first year of college athletics. I was far from excited about this news. However, Dr. Parent and my dad reminded me to consider my options: take a year off for surgery or risk not being able to continue my athletic career at all due to severe pain. The thought of never being able to play competitively again scared me, and that’s when I decided that I wanted to go through with the surgery.

Deciding to have surgery was a very hard decision. The surgery alone frightened me. I couldn’t help but worry that the surgery could go wrong, my athletic career could come to an end, or that I may not recover properly post-surgery. Well, all of those worries were for nothing. I was fortunate to have an amazing doctor who successfully completed the surgery (to no surprise) and helped me get back to playing collegiate soccer and basketball within the year. It would be a lie to say that the recovery was easy, but every day was an improvement, and that was encouraging.

Today, I am happy to say that I recovered tremendously well and became a better and stronger athlete after my surgery. I no longer suffer from back pain. I was able to train and compete with my teammates and feel physically better about my body. At the College level, I was able to become an impact player on my soccer team for three years, and I had the honor of captaining my team during my senior year. I was also honored to receive the MVP award!

Going through with this surgery was one of the best, yet scariest decisions I have ever had to make. That said, I am forever grateful for the decision I made and for the amazing team that I had supporting me from day one. I am healthy, happy, active, and stronger than ever. A big thank you to Dr. Parent and the Sainte-Justine Team in Montreal!

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