Everyone has their own reasons for becoming a volunteer.  People volunteer to meet new people, acquire new skills, gain workplace experience, boost their college applications, become more competitive in the job market, or embark on new career paths.  People also volunteer to help their community, to give back some of what they have been given, or to pursue personal passions.  Regardless of why someone chooses to volunteer, volunteers learn quickly that volunteer work feels good--because it is!


About Our Volunteers

Setting Scoliosis Straight volunteers come from all over the country.  Our volunteers have typically donated between two to three hours per week of their time to our foundation.  Volunteers can work in our local San Diego, California and Tucson, Arizona offices or they can work from their own homes.

Volunteer: Lena Chesnut


Lena Chesnut Lena was diagnosed with scoliosis at age seven, and in 2010 she had a spinal fusion surgery. Dr. Peter Newton successfully performed Lena’s surgery, and on her fourteenth birthday Lena was released from Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego. Lena’s spine surgery taught her how important it is to have helpful people in one’s life during difficult times, and the support she received during her recovery inspired her to find ways to help others. Lena volunteers at Setting Scoliosis Straight’s San Diego office once a week. She also appeared in our educational patient handbook. Lena plans to become a pediatric nurse so she can continue to positively impact others’ lives. We’re so grateful for Lena’s help, and we’re excited to see where her passion for helping others will take her!

Volunteer: Noreen Gaynor


Noreen Gaynor moved to California in 2009, and she has been
volunteering with Setting Scoliosis Straight since 2010. Her daughter, Tracey Bastrom, is The Harm Study Group’s statistician. Noreen has focused her efforts on data entry, and we thank her for all of the time she has donated!

Volunteer: Roxy Gil


Roxy Gil began volunteering for Setting Scoliosis Straight in 2013. She is a two time cancer survivor who discovered she had a moderate “case” of scoliosis during her treatment. She is also our Executive Director, Michelle Mark’s, former 6th grade teacher! Roxy says it is an honor to have had Michelle in her class and to be able to volunteer for Setting Scoliosis Straight, and we thank her for her efforts!