There are so many patients whose lives are greatly transformed after spinal surgery. It is not uncommon for patients to feel as if they have been given a gift, and similarly, it is not uncommon for these patients to want to give something back. For this reason, the Harms Study Group has identified these patients as Grateful Patients.

The work of a Harms Study Group Grateful Patient can entail lending one's voice to promote HSG's cause via social media—by "liking" us on Facebook or following us on Twitter. It can involve volunteering one's time to promote HSG's cause in your community, or it can involve monetary donations to help build the base from which HSG's work and research will continue growing.

While countless lives have been touched by the work of the Harms Study Group, we are aware that countless more still need to be reached. Therefore, we would love all grateful patients, as well as family members and friends of grateful patients, to offer their support in any way they possibly can.

Grateful Patient: Kathy Riciardi


Kathy's Muddness Tug-o-War Fundraising Awareness Event

Kathy had spinal surgery to correct her scoliosis in Delaware in 2009.  After a successful recovery, Kathy decided it was time to give back and share some of her good fortune with others by supporting SSSF.  Kathy held a pumpkin carving contest in October of 2012, and in April of 2013, Kathy held a team fundraiser at her school, Gwynedd-Mercy.  Griffin Muddness pitted teams of students against one another as they played tug-of-war over a mud trench!  Not only did Kathy get the trench digging donated, she also got her classmates involved in a fun activity that let everyone have a blast while they helped make a difference in children's lives who suffer from spinal deformities.  Kathy was our first Grateful Patient, and we are so grateful for her! 

Grateful Patient: Emily Bloomfield


Emily's Fundraising Awareness Event at Buffalo Wild Wings

Emily Bloomfield had a spinal fusion surgery in 2010 at Nemours A.I. DuPont Hospital for Children in Delaware.  She was so impressed by the support she received during her recovery that she was motivated to find a way to help others with scoliosis.  In February of 2013, Emily hosted a fundraising event at a local Buffalo Wild Wings.  In just one night, Emily was able to raise over $500 for spinal deformity research and education.  We're very thankful for Emily's drive and motivation. 

Grateful Patient: Lindsay Gordon


Lindsay's Fundraising Awareness Event at Harverford Reserve

Lindsay Gordon's scoliosis is being treated with a brace by Dr. Jack Flynn at Shriner's Hospital for Children in Philadelphia. Her positive experience at Shriner's motivated her to do more for her community, so Lindsay, her mother Robin Gordon, and the residents of Harverford Reserve hosted a fundraiser with author and inspirational speaker, Pat Croce, as a guest. Lindsay spoke at the event, and she shared her story. Over $7,000 was raised to help support the work of Setting Scoliosis Straight! We are incredibly grateful for Lindsay's bravery and her compassion!