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AIS is more prevalent in girls than it is in boys, which means a majority of AIS patients can and will experience pregnancy and delivery. Yet, there are many unanswered questions regarding AIS and post-spinal fusion pregnancies. With your help, we can begin to answer these questions today.

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The surgeon members of the Harms Study Group are initiating a very important study:


Pregnancy and Childbirth After Spinal Fusion for Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis. 


This study is designed to answer the following questions:

Does having corrective spinal fusion to treat scoliosis affect post-surgical pregnancy and delivery?


    1. Is obstetrical management different for patients who have had spinal fusion than it is for the unaffected populations?

     -- Are cesarean section rates the same in both affected and unaffected populations?

     -- Is the use of epidural anesthesia the same in both affected and unaffeceted populations?


How do pregnancy and delivery affect radiographic outcomes and Quality of Life scores in previously fused AIS patients?


    1. Is there a change in spinal alignment in patients with AIS after their pregnancy and delivery?
    2. Does Quality of Life, with regards to the spine, increase or decrease after pregnancy?

     -- If so, what are the timing and duration of HRQOL changes?

We need your help!

The efforts for conducting this research are being funded by donations. The estimated cost to complete this study in one year is $27,000.  


To assist us in our research of pregnancy in AIS patients, please click on the Support Our Research button and donate today!