The Harms Study Group (HSG) was formed in 1995 and is a collaborative cohort of worldwide distinguished surgeons who perform comprehensive, multi-center research studies and share the results to advance the processes and procedures of spinal deformity corrections.


In 2008, the Harms Study Group formed the Harms Study Group Foundation and incorporated as a California non-profit 501 (c)(3) Public Benefit Corporation for charitable purposes.


In 2010, the foundation launched its first philanthropic donation campaign raising $114,000 to support ongoing research efforts to improve spinal deformity care in children and adolescents.


In 2012, the Harms Study Group Foundation became Setting Scoliosis Straight.


In 2013, the foundation launched the Volunteer Program, Database registry grow to over 3,000 patients, and our 2nd Annual Non-gala raises over $50,000.


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