Scoliosis Overview



Phase I: Diagnosis

Phase II: Non-Operative

Phase III: Operative


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Please help us try to make this scoliosis education handbook available to as many patients as possible.



Life after Scoliosis Surgery

During the first few weeks at home after surgery, the focus is on:

• pain management and weaning from pain medicines

• healthy eating as appetite returns to normal

• children getting back to independence with their own care (parents often comment that these weeks are like having a newborn again)

• increasing activity and endurance

• returning to school 3 – 6 weeks after surger

6 weeks after surgery, most teens are:

• feeling good

• back to their normal life except for activity/sport restrictions

6 weeks – 1 year after surgery, activity restrictions remain:

• activities that put too much physical stress on the healing bones may prevent them from fusing together

• many surgeons will gradually ease up on restrictions as the year progresses

• activities to avoid until okayed by your surgeon may include contact and high impact sports, P.E., heavy lifting, and aggressive twisting or stretching of the spine

1 year after surgery:

• elimination of activity and sports restrictions and life back to normal!!

• your surgeon will recommend how often to return for check-ups


The rest of your life

• little physical affect from surgery throughout life stages

• risk of developing complications is low

• scoliosis runs in families, watch your next generation

• no limitations in choice of profession

• expect normal pregnancies and deliveries

• back healthy lifestyle recommended (maintain weight, remain active, no tobacco)


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